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Recently the Novel Foods Working Group decided to change the classification of CBD and ALL hemp extracts to Novel which means the UK and many EU authorities simply stopped allowing cannabinoid products to be sold until they had obtained authorisation.

The CTA immediately instructed the specialist lawyers we have as our legal team and CTA Members (Mackrell Turner Garrett) to make representation and instructed probably the most experienced food barrister in Europe in Jonathan Kirk QC.

Ourselves and the legal team recently travelled to Brussels to represent YOU...

The combined forces of EIHA and CTA with Jonathan Kirk QC

The combined forces of the EIHA and CTA with Jonathan Kirk QC, (Robert Jappie of Mackrell Turner Garrett is behind the lens).

The fact is this costs cold hard cash, a good barrister can run into several hundred pounds an hour. While we can get discount, it still costs and the CTA needs YOUR help to be able to afford to do things like this.

So please help us help you, every little really does help 

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