18 June 2020

As you are all I’m sure aware, very late last month I handed my notice into the CTA in order to further develop my own business interests and release to me the time they required.  As such I agreed that in order to support the transition I would work with the Board and staff to ensure a smooth and effortless transition period.

Due to matters both beyond the control of the current Board and myself I was removed as a Director and the Chair of the CTA on the 10th of June.  At all times I have had constructive and agreeable discussions with many of the board members. 

As of today, the 17th of June, we have reached a working arrangement for both parties.  As was originally promised I will assist and help ensure an effective and permanent transition and I will still be “around” to answer questions, help members and facilitate the board.  I haven’t gone anywhere.

The CTA is now in a position to take forward the ethics and principles that made the CTA what it is.  As such my 4 years with the CTA has been enormously fun, amazingly productive and crazily busy, I have covered hundreds of thousands of miles, attended tens of thousands of meetings with governments around the world, members, experts, medical boards and many other people.  At the heart of it is a passion for the whole plant.  Because that is what the CTA is about.  The whole plant.

As a part of this I have drawn around me several companies both internal and external to the CTA who have agreed to fight the common cause in the UK.  To actively and legitimately protect our industry from the threat to their livelihoods caused by the misguided and foolish within the FSA and indeed in our own industry.

The CTA must stand for all of you as the largest trades association for the cannabinoid industry in the world.  I must follow my own moral and ethical compass which strongly aligns with the CTA.

Thank you for a wonderful 4 years, it has been my pleasure to serve you all as the Chair and Managing Director.  You have made me very proud of you all.

Mike Harlington

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