1 July 2020

As your new Managing Director, I would like to thank all the members for being patient at this time of great change. It’s been three weeks since I sat in the hot seat and I have hit the ground running.

Shining a light onto the past has made me very aware that we need to be more transparent from my tenure onwards. I understand that my predecessor had a very different way of working, communicating and revealing industry information. That is now changing. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to have an AGM to discuss things this year; I believe that the membership should be made aware of some of the new directions the CTA is taking by becoming more transparent and all encompassing. We are opening dialogue with many industry colleagues and organisations to become a cohesive and stronger association that gives increased value to its members. 

Firstly, I would like to clarify an issue raised on social media - Board resignations in June were decisions taken by the directors themselves. We are not at liberty to discuss their reasons.

Some new directions are

  1. Diverse Board of Directors. We have been criticised in the past for not having a board of diverse members. We have invited individuals outside of the industry to join and bring their broad skillsets and expertise to rectify this situation. Fresh ideas are paramount to creating a strong organisation. We will be announcing the new members within the next few weeks.

  2. Initialising the creation of Advisory Groups. These groups will feed information to the Board of Directors who will process, action and pass on any information needed to the staff and members. There may be a need for more groups in the future and the dates given are subject to adjustments. We hope some members with interests in the groups, industry knowledge and experience will put themselves forward.

    Please do contact me on the email below

    • Novel Foods Advisory Group - NFAG - July 2020
    • Strategy & Policy Advisory Group - SPAG - July 2020
    • Medicinal Cannabis Advisory Group - MCAG - August 2020
    • Hemp Ind. & Farming Advisory Group - HFAG - September 2020
    • Inhalable Sector Advisory Group - ISAG - October 2020
    • Cosmetic & Topical Advisory Group - CTAG - November 2020

  3. The CTA will have a UK address in central England for mail and a potential meeting space. More in due course.

There are many new plans in the background I cannot tell you about just yet because negotiations are still on the table, but they are forward looking, strengthening, and future proofing the association.

I look forward to receiving your emails: sian@cannabistrades.org

Siân Phillips
Interim Managing Director

PDF version of this statement