18 June 2020

As you may have heard, on Wednesday 10th June the board decided that Mike Harlington should step down following his notice of resignation to embark on a new path. Mike remains an ally of the CTA and has promised his assistance with the Novel Food situation.  He will still be on hand for some time to answer the questions that we know need answering and assist in the handover

I was voted in by the board unanimously, to face the enormous and challenging task of picking up the reins. The extent of my predecessor's work was extensive and unlimited. It is going to take a little time to access all the information needed to have control and I hope that the members and industry can allow me that time.

This will also mean a restructuring of the organisation and the board.  The administrative staff are to take on a more active role in the running of the Association with greater levels of two-way communication.

The CTA was never controlled by one person regardless of who was in the chair. The staff and board are professional, with good intention, and the members' best interests as our focus. Collectively we are strong and are taking big strides to continue working for the industry. 

We are proud of our achievements and continue to lead the way as a focussed collective.

Despite living in these unprecedented times, this is merely a blip in the grand scheme of things. As a combined force, we have great strength and we are delighted that you are committed to us. 

Now is the time for dialogue. I look forward to our continued success together and you can email me with questions and suggestions: sian@cannabistrades.org

Sian Phillips - Interim Managing Director

PDF version of this statement