13 July 2020

Following a very fruitful meeting with the FSA, we are happy to confirm that we now have reinstated a working relationship with the regulator. Many aspects of the ‘Route to Compliance’ were discussed and explained. Happily, we are in a unique position to help get our members products approved.

The FSA confirmed that they will be looking at the applications dossiers as they arrive via the Novel Foods team over the next few months. We are compiling some guidance to be reviewed by the FSA.

The CTA are still of the opinion that whole plant extracts should not be novel, however we are taking a practical approach to enable our members to avoid potential future enforcement by working with and not fighting against the FSA.

 The meeting was attended by officials with CTA directors and the Compliance Manager.

For manufacturers, extractors and producers with enquiries pertaining to your novel food dossier for 'Route to Compliance' novelfoods@food.gov.uk

For enquiries about what is a Novel Food and general enquiries - please contact your local authorities.

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