The Benefits of Being a CTA Member

As well as being part of the largest organisation of its type on earth, we really do think you'll find it hard to beat the benefits you get and this list gets added to all the time, we believe we offer an unmatched level of support from all of our providers.

Access to Payment Providers and Insurance Brokers

Let's face it, mention the word ‘cannabis’ to anyone outside the trade and their eyes widen. Businesses within this industry have had doors shut, accounts closed and served the cold shoulder.  CTA members have access to these providers due to our Compliance checks and diligence.

Access to Industry Specialist Lawyers

How many associations have a Law Team who are dedicated to Cannabis Law?  We have solicitors and barristers who understand the complexities of our business.

When you need legal help you need it from specialist lawyers, our Partners offer free consultations to our members, and of course, they offer a discount on their standard rates as a CTA Member.

Secondly, they are global firms with over 100 offices, present in almost every country in the world.  Making business easier to do and regulation easier to understand.

FX (Financial Transaction)

One of the first partners we brought on board was an FX company who understand your business, not only offering rate beating deals, but also the legal knowledge to ensure you don't break any rules.

Regular Industry Updates

The plant may be as old as the hills but the industry isn’t.  As the industry grows, it’s great to be updated on legislation.  We have access to that information.

Networking Events

Events are the best way to network and we think we do it rather well.  We’ve attended many other trade shows around Europe and have introduced many new members to suppliers and providers.

Web and IT services

We have access to a specialist web provider who understands your business and what it does, established over 10 years they specialise in ensuring you get a web host that really understands you.  In addition they can get you professional grade email, telecoms, IT and support.

Compliance and Due Diligence

We carry out thorough checks on our members.  This is to ensure their validity and to protect our industry.

CTA Help Line

A friendly voice on the end of the phone when you need help is our way of ensuring that we have you covered.  Emails and social media also help many access information out of hours too.

Association Newsletters

Our monthly newsletters go out to all our members via email and are in eZine format.  You can download them and read them on your devices

Active Board of Directors

Our directors team meet regularly to discuss events and occurrences and to take action when needed.

Stakeholder representation with Agencies

We are stakeholders with the MHRA, FSA, Home Office, Trading Standards, EFSA and many other European Government agencies.


We are forming CTA’s around the world, with South Africa and The Netherlands formed, Germany, Poland, Ireland and Lithuania as well as the US under discussion with our members in these countries we shall become simply “the CTA” worldwide.

This will help us access more information and cross border links with producers and suppliers internationally. Stronger ties with those countries where many suppliers are located is a boon for existing members and inter member trading has always been one of our strongest features.

Each CTA country will feed into the central systems we have developed in the past 3 years and our dedicated and professional team will work with the local representative to ensure the transparency and data security we have put in place is maintained, meaning no Director has access to members details and only members of staff do. Ensuring that no Director has the capability to financially benefit from being a CTA Director.