Did you know that in a recent UK Government meeting only the CTA were able to give accurate, meaningful data to those who attended? 

As the CTA we are recognised as one of the leaders in the hemp and CBD market.  We are the only body that can authoritatively put facts and figures in front of your audience.  

No one else can give you the facts and figures of cannabis industry that the CTA can as the largest Association of its type in the world.

Because we work world wide now, we have possibly the broadest view of the challenges and opportunities for the market from all perspectives.  A unique ability to present from both the sellers and suppliers perspective and the regulatory and safety perspective presented by Governments around the world.

Because we consider it our duty to ensure that not only the trade but also the public are educated and knowledgable about CBD and hemp products, we attend shows and events throughout Europe and indeed the world, by invitation.  As such we can now attend YOUR event wherever it is in the world.

For further information please email; speaker_request@cannabistrades.org