CTA UK Compliance Policy

As the CTA UK Compliance Director, it is my objective to support members of the CTA UK to ensure they are complying with all EU and UK laws, policies and regulations, alongside the rules and regulations of the CTA UK.

It is critical that the whole industry complies with relevant legislation.  We are all responsible for proactively identifying, evaluating, mitigating and reporting on compliance risks across our industry.  This is in all our interests so that our industry can flourish and thrive into the future. We cannot afford to allow past mistakes to be repeated.

The industry is rapidly growing and some new companies may be unaware of the relevant legislation and regulations. If you have been made aware of a breach of compliance within the industry, please contact me with details and I will work with them towards a solution.

Again, if you have any compliance related questions, please feel free to contact me.

Guy Coxall Compliance Director

Guy Coxall

CTA UK Compliance Director

E-mail: compliance@cannabistrades.uk

Please find Compliance related articles below:

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• CTA UK Guidelines for CBD Food Supplement labelling and measures document:

CTA UK Guidelines for Product Regulation Compliance- Final 2

• CTA UK Guidelines for CBD Vape Products Labelling:

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• CTA UK Guidelines for CBD Cosmetics Labelling:

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• CTA UK Guidance on Novel Foods and Nano Technology:

CTA UK Guidance on Novel Foods and Nano Technology

Useful Websites:

MHRA Guidance Notes 8 – A Guide to what is a medicinal product – Useful guidance on advertising compliance (Not making medical claims)

FSA – Food Supplements Guidance and FAQ’sGov.UK guidance on ‘Product Satefy for Manufacturers’ including guidance on Cosmetic Products

Gov.UK Guidance on Product Safety for Manufacturers including Cosmetic Products

Supplying Cosmetic Products on the UK Market? A CTPA Guide to What You Need to Know

Gov.UK Guidance E-Cigarettes: regulations for consumer products

Good Manufacturing Practice for Manufacturers of Food Supplements