"When we founded the O'Shaughnessy Drink Company the CTA were instrumental is guiding us to create a product that was not only compliant and first to market. But helped future proof our drinks for any potential new legislation. They helped us further with introducing us to our awesome suppliers and introduced us to a network of sellers. They're always there if you have any questions or concerns." Tony Fowler, (O'Shaughnessy Drinks Company)

“Purity have been a member of the CTA for just a year now. We didn’t know what to expect but after having a good 30 minute chat with Mike we said we’d give it a go.

A year on, being a member of the Cannabis Trades Association has opened my eyes. The people and the directors that run the CTA are by far, some of the nicest, most helpful, caring and honest people I’ve ever met. I really can’t say enough about them. A year ago, they were strangers.... Now some of them are my friends... being a member make you feel good about your job because you’re working with people that think like you. I couldn’t imagine being in this industry without Mike, Sarah, Sian and the CTA Team. If it wasn’t for these guys none of us would even have a CBD business. Well done the CTA. BIG ❤️” Chris Clancy, Purity CBD.

“The CTA have provided us with fast and efficient support and advice. Their adherence to a set of rigorous standards means I am content that we and they are both protecting the public and ensuring they are provided with the highest quality legal cannabis products.”  Nick Tofalos, CBD One

“The CTA for us is the backbone of the industry, without it we would not be where we are today. Never before have we seen an emerging industry unite in this way, sharing the same vision, morals and sheer determination to make sure CBD is available to all that need it. It’s not just a pleasure being part of this community, but a privilege.”  Tom Whettem Canabidol & Founder Member of the CTA

“I run one of the largest CBD support pages in Europe, and transitioning from this to becoming a manufacturer wasn’t a learning curve, it was a vertical wall. Learning what I can and can’t say was vital for my business and my interest in the plant and the benefits of nature’s remedies. The CTA have been there at all hours, helping, guiding and advising all the way through.”  Sian Phillips, Fiddlers Elbow Grease

“When we were offered the opportunity to join the UK’s Cannabis Trades Association at the end of 2016, we did so because it felt like the right thing to do. They gave us hope during tough times, that the dream business we had spent so long building, would continue to thrive after the uncertainty caused by the original MHRA announcement in autumn 2016.

The valuable information provided by Mike allowed us to push forward with our new factory build and gave us the confidence needed in order to take such a financial risk, which is now paying off. The team at Synergy Extracts do things by the book and on the right side of the law, and as long as that’s the case you are left alone by the CTA to do your thing. As a thriving, UK based, legal cannabis extract specialist, we can’t ask for more than that.”  John Murray, Synergy of Nature

“I know it’s difficult to be independent in our field, so it’s very refreshing to check first-hand the way the CTA work. I think we share the same vision on how Cannabis industry should be. It’s been a real pleasure”.  Kali Gallardo, International Cannabis author and industry expert.