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This is the new membership form for all applications and levels of membership. Registered sellers must use the form created for them

Membership Tier

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Association Rules and Regulations

The Regulatory Framework & Rules for Association Members can be divided into three sections for clarity.

    Association Standards
  1. To uphold the tenets and integrity of the Association, to maintain a professional and reputable business at all times in line with running a legal and responsible business model.
  2. Promote and where responsible, the membership benefits of the Association.
  3. Report to the Association any products or sellers that may cause damage, harm or bring disrepute onto the industry.
  4. Ensure that all sellers of branded products adhere to the rules of the Association.
  5. Ensure all products meet the labelling criteria the Association requires and clearly states recommended dosage instructions.
  6. To inform the Association of any changes in product line up and to ensure labs are in place before offering for sale.
    Business & Trade Sector
  1. Never knowingly engage in activities likely to bring the legal cannabis and hemp trade sector into disrepute.
  2. Hold valid and appropriate insurances in respect of public and employers’ liability and any other required insurances.
  3. Respect Intellectual Property and legal commercial agreements, including Trade Marks, Patents, Licences, Goodwill, and Distribution Agreements.
  4. Keep records of adverse effects and incidents involving any products you have manufactured, imported, or sold and where necessary notify the relevant authorities.
  5. Provide suitable warranties and guarantees consistent with prevailing consumer and sector related legislation.
  6. Ensure that all reasonable efforts are made to abide by the laws and regulations governing the manufacture, import, distribution, and sale of CBD products.
  7. Promote the responsible usage of cannabis derived products.
    Product & Testing
  1. Take a positive and responsible attitude towards product information and latest information as it becomes available.
  2. Never knowingly sell or misrepresent counterfeit or substandard products.
  3. To allow any authorised member to request samples for testing at your own expense with an authorised testing facility.
  4. To provide samples for routine testing at suitable periods and to ensure those records are kept up to date.
  5. To reasonably ensure lab reports are available for all products and available on request to the public.
  6. To never knowingly sell CBD products to anyone under the age of 18, anyone purchasing on the behalf of an under 18 must be aware that products sold as food supplements, traditional herbal remedies or products with marketing authority have stipulated recommended doses.
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Products and Testing

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Terms and Conditions

Updated 14/5/2020

Terms & Conditions of Contract with the Hemp Trades Association Ltd.

This document forms the Terms & Conditions of your Application and Membership of the Hemp Trades Association UK Limited (which includes The Global Hemp Trades Association Limited / The Hemp Trades Association Europe Limited / CTA Europe Limited / CTA South Africa Limited / CTA Americas and CTA Asia. All of whom trade in their appointed areas as CTA or Cannabis Trades Association or variations thereof.

As a Member of the Cannabis Trades Association you also become a legal Member of the limited company (Hemp Trades Association Ltd t/a Cannabis Trades Association UK) which is a company limited by guarantee.

Each Member undertakes to guarantee the liabilities of the company to the value of £1. A list of Members is maintained and can be inspected on request.

At the Association, we deal with many complex business issues, including legal and regulatory matters. As such, you authorise us to act on your behalf as a Member of the Association.

Membership is not an automatic right and you acknowledge that you will be charged for the time it takes to guide you through the Membership process. This includes, but is not limited to, the screening and compliance processes. It is expressly acknowledged that it is your duty to prove compliance, not ours to list you as Members. Subscriptions are subject to a 12month period starting from the date that you submitted your Membership Application. There is a cooling off period of seven days where Membership Applications can be retracted, this is subject to you not signing your Member subscription, by doing so you are accepting that your Membership is for a twelve-month period.

You are not an approved Member until such a time as you have completed all steps and you must not suggest or display the CTA Logo until such as time that we have sent you confirmation of Membership approval in writing. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your Application is completed in a timely and professional manner and that you provide all the required information including the correct email and telephone numbers to allow us to contact you.

The screening process is a mandatory part of your CTA Membership Application. Where an Applicant does not submit the requested information to the screening service, resulting in your Application being delayed, the CTA holds no responsibility for this. Where you have not submitted your screening information within the allotted 45 days, you will be charged an administration fee of £25.00 plus VAT to reapply, the screen can only be reapplied with your prior consent.

You acknowledge that your Membership is for a period of 12 months and although you can cancel your Membership at any point, the full annual Subscription fee is payable. If you cancel your Subscription (Direct Debit), then you will immediately be invoiced for the remainder of your Subscription period, this will incur a £25.00 plus VAT administration fee and we will take action to recover any unpaid invoices.

Memberships cannot be placed “on hold” at any point during your Subscription period.

Please ensure that you fill in your Direct Debit Form as soon as you receive the link, where Memberships are paid for upfront and in full, monies are non-refundable and will attract a 10% discount. The Application Fee must be paid by a card or bank transfer and is non-refundable under any circumstances. Any and all fees paid during the Membership period are non-refundable.

Where any monthly Subscription payment fails, and any accounts fall into arrears of more than 28 days the CTA will invoice for the failed payment. This will incur a £25.00 plus VAT administration fee.

Where companies are not trading in the UK or are unable to subscribe to a monthly Direct Debit Subscription, we can send a quarterly invoice for your Subscription on request. However, if you are trading in the UK and invoicing is your preferred method of Subscription, then a 15% administration fee will be applied to your quarterly invoice.

The CTA withholds the right to suspend Memberships where there are concerns relating to compliance and has the right to remove your company from the CTA companies’ directory until any issues have been resolved to our satisfaction. We do not suspend your Membership Subscription while you are under suspension.

The level of your Membership Subscription cannot be reduced during your twelve months subscription. The level of Membership will be reviewed upon your renewal where applicable.

Should your company go into administration during your Membership Subscription period you will not personally be liable for any unpaid Subscription fees however this is not applicable where you are operating as a sole trader / partnership.

The CTA will contact you prior to your annual Membership Subscription renewal and will either cancel or renew your Membership at this point. If we have no contact, we will assume that you wish to continue with your Membership and will automatically renew your Membership with an increase in Membership level if the information we hold suggests you are liable for such an increase or the previous level of Membership no longer exists.

Should your Membership be renewed for a further 12 months and although you can cancel your Membership at any point, the full annual Membership Subscription is payable. If you cancel your Membership and Membership Subscription (Direct Debit), then you will immediately be invoiced for the remainder of your Subscription period. This will incur a £25.00 plus VAT administration fee.

We will request renewed screening every 4 years; we will give you notice of the screen and fees on your renewal cycle. All renewals must be completed within 30 days.

Membership Subscriptions are subject to change and are reviewed at the point of renewal of your Membership. We remind you that we reserve the right to pass any unpaid invoices to a collection agent and details to credit reference agencies.

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